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[resolved] Custom Fields to show in tickets.php

I have two custom fields which are mandatory for users to fill for creating a new ticket. The custom fields are created under Contact Information and it is a drop-down. Is there any way to show these fields / information in the tickets list http://*domainname*/scp/index.php?? Also, I should be able to export it in the CSV using the Export link at the bottom of the page.
Even if displaying the fields in the TICKET LIST is not possible / too complicated ONLY export functionality will also serve.

Thanks in advance.


  • Add the fields to the ticket details form... and they will display on the ticket details page.
  • edited October 2017
    Thanks for your reply and I have created a new field under ticket details form (where Issue Summary and Issue Details are mentioned)  but it is not coming in the Open Tickets / Closed Tickets page view. I need to see the new field in the tabular format. I have attached a picture to better express my requirement.

    I see that the new field shows up when a particular ticket details is opened (by clicking on the ticket no.) but I want it on the overview page.
  • This is probably the most asked question on the forums.

    This thread has directions for most contemporary versions of osTicket.  

    Alternatively there is the forthcoming "Custom Queues" feature here:

    Personally I would just wait for the Custom Queues feature due out in 1.11, or use the feature from github in it's current alpha state.
  • That seems to be a great feature... I believe it would be wise to wait for v1.11

    But, on another instance running on
    v1.10 (901e5ea), when I am adding the custom fields to the ticket details form and clicking on the export link the CSV is showing the LIST IDs (1,2,3, etc.) instead of the VALUES ('ABC','XYZ', etc) - but when I am trying on v1.10.1, VALUES are showing in the CSV. Is it only because of the version?
  • I imagine that it was a bug fix between versions.
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    Is it possible to take a database dump from v1.10 and restore it to a database with associated application running on v1.10.1? Should the mysqldump command execute successfully while backing up data from v1.10 to v1.10.1?

    -Sorry, you dont have to answer this... It is happening!!
  • Yes you can.  In fact I clone my live site at least a few times a year. :)

    Should I close this thread?
  • Yes, this thread may be closed now... Thanks again for your time and support.
  • Very welcome. :)  Have a great day!
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