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How to avoid fetching CCed emails

Hello all,

we are using email fetcher and the prob we have is if an email was sent to another address with CC to '' it is also considered as new case.
Is it possible to ignore mails that were CCed to '', while still fetch those with our address in "To" field?



  • ADmin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters.
  • @ntozer Thank you for you answer. I was there but didn't find a way to distinguish between mails sent using To and CC fields (((
    Will appreciate another tip )))
  • Can you write a rule on your mail server so that any email that is CCed to that address is not delivered to that address.  I dont know if you have that capability.

    My last suggestion would be to tell staff to not to CC the ticket system.
  • edited October 2017
    It is not staff, some clients send mails to 3rd party addresses with CC to our support@... I cannot stop them.
    People used to click "reply to all" button...

    The mail server is O365, I'll check if I can set such rule there, thanks for suggestion!
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