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osticket roadmap?

There's a lot of contributions from the community: 229 pull requests, some mods, some themes/plugins like that and others stuff, but it's since nov 2016 that i can't see any major feature included on the osticket core, there's a roadmap or any plan about the future?
The recent version 1.10.1 has only a small list of enhancements, nothing compares to the amount of code available and described above.
I know that there's some pull request or mod that can't be integrated for some reasons, but there is even a lot of mods that could be integrated.
Maybe there's some problems with the business model? or different views with enhancesoft ?

The question has already been discussed on but there isn't any final word.

I think that osticket has some advantages over the competitors like otrs and so on, first the clean interface and the easiness to do modifications, but it needs some new features, i hope to be able to use it for a long time.
Thank you,


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