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osticket roadmap?

There's a lot of contributions from the community: 229 pull requests, some mods, some themes/plugins like that and others stuff, but it's since nov 2016 that i can't see any major feature included on the osticket core, there's a roadmap or any plan about the future?
The recent version 1.10.1 has only a small list of enhancements, nothing compares to the amount of code available and described above.
I know that there's some pull request or mod that can't be integrated for some reasons, but there is even a lot of mods that could be integrated.
Maybe there's some problems with the business model? or different views with enhancesoft ?

The question has already been discussed on but there isn't any final word.

I think that osticket has some advantages over the competitors like otrs and so on, first the clean interface and the easiness to do modifications, but it needs some new features, i hope to be able to use it for a long time.
Thank you,


  • Have you heard of feature creep? :)
  • I believe they've been working hard on 1.11, 1.10.1 was a patch release. 

    "needs some new features".. ?  Which features do you mean?
  • @Grizly
    Just some examples: Autolink Ticket References, Open ticket Refresher, exclude working hours ( or ), merge tickets ( ), themes support (just search "osticket themes" on google), REST ( ), multi domain ldap support ( ) ecc...
    If github PR is not enought for you, take a look at the "mods and customization" forum ( ).
  • Yeah, there's a few PR's I'd like to see merged sooner rather than later.
  • +1 on this
  • I'd really like to see an update on this. I've been waiting patiently for 6 months for a fix which is currently preventing me from using osTicket, and that has been open for over a year.

    If you look at the stats on Github, there's been a significant drop-off in activity in the last year or so, and the top contributor has only made 2 commits. It's only the activity of @ntozier on the forum which makes me think that this hasn't been abandoned completely.
  • @terry_tibbles I guess you are wrong. I see a significant rising activity on github. Look what @jedikev is doing!
    What prevents you? Is the solution in the github report you mentioned not working for you?
  • @terry_tibbles I'm not sure why you would link to the fix for a problem (that's been posted a year) and say that you've been waiting for a fix... I'm also not sure what your response has to do with the topic on this thread... Which is about a "public road map" for osTicket.
  • You both seemed to have missed the point of what I was saying. A roadmap would effectively be a plan of where the project was going, something that seems to be missing at the moment.

    If osTicket was an enterprise-grade solution, the the fix to the problem that I linked to would have been supplied as a patch. Editing core PHP files directly is not what is suitable for something that is meant to be used in a production environment.
  • @terry_tibbles in your post you didn’t say much about news for a roadmap. So yes it was not obvious for me that this was point you were speaking of. You talked more about a problem that prevents you using osTicket that I dont‘t understand because a fix for the problem was in the same link you mentioned.

    I have seen a couple of times people asking for a roadmap.
    The answer was that there is an roadmap but it is not public because time has shown that this is not a good idea.
    The team is small, time is short. A public roadmap will only raise expectations that cannot be fulfilled.
    And this would be also frustrating for everyone. There are enough examples you can find on github which have shown that this would help nobody. Neither the users nor the team. It will only cost time which is too short for that and so I personally can understand this decision very well.

    And yes this is not a solution that is developed by a big company with many resources. It is an little open source developer team so I think that it is obvious that you can‘t have this expectations to them. Also I would think when somebody is running a web server and says „editing core php files directly is not what is suitable for something that is meant to be used in a production environment“ then there are other things to think about.
    Just my two cents as an user that is happy that there is such a powerful and cool open source helpdesk.
  • I agree with mfelber, osTicket has done a great job compare to other open source support system.  I have been using osTicket for while and I do understand there are feature people looking for, and the solution is customized it, which requires time, knowledge and understanding (needs vs. want).  I can tell you this for sure there is no system like osTicket that is free, many open sources have basic feature, then they have paid version for advanced features, keep up the good work, I am learning more about the system process Thank you
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