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Nro. ticket no autoincremental

Hi! How I can do ticket's number load manually?? NOT autoincremental


  • You can edit the database to set it to whatever you like.. but there is no UI way that I know of.
  • I must modify the code too? where?
  • Sorry, you want to manually set the ticket id on each ticket that you create manually? Why? 

    If you want to define the sequence that they get created in, there is an admin option for that 

    Admin Panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> click "Manage" next to Default Ticket Number.

    You can set the next ticket number manually, and define how the ones after it get defined.

    You can also use help topics to define number formats for the sequences.. it's not just "autoincrementing", but it's not really wise to manually set them each time either. 
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