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Open/Closed ticket Results



I'm currently experiencing and issue where I click on a users open/closed tickets and the search results that i receive are blank but if i refresh the page or click on the URL and hit enter the results show up:


PHP shows this :

[Thu Oct 05 10:49:07.741307 2017] [negotiation:error] [pid 18721] [client] AH00687: Negotiation: discovered file(s) matching request: /var/www/html/tickets (None could be negotiated)., referer:

Not sure if its related any help would be greatly appreciated


  • That looks like a mod_negotiation error message... Since osTicket doesn't use mod_negotionation I would say maybe you should look at your config.
  • Ill look into it not sure if is an error that its spitting from a mod i added but it shouldnt have affected the search function. Thanks again
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