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Different Statuses

I'm trying to replicate a facility I've been long used to in gnats, and I might be missing where this is configurable in OST. I've installed a fresh copy of OsTicket 1.10, and trying to find a way to add other statuses or states than just open/closed.

I can add other statuses OK, but they must each be defined as "open" or closed.

I'm wanting to add status/states like,
- pending feedback  (awaiting feedback from end user)
- analysed (problem analysed, and awaiting further input)
- on-hold (problem/issue held (ie. clock stopped) until another time)

It could be that I'm just not into the right OST lingo as yet, any pointers appreciated..


  • Statuses are for you and states are for the system, so you can add those statuses but since there is no state that will stop the sla i don’t think you’ll be able to achive this.

    Possibly if there’s an appropriate signal a plugin could do it, but i don’t think there is,
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