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Base Variable for Timestamp (for email notification)


I'm trying to customized an email template or notification when a ticket was created by a user, assigned to a agent, user or agent response, etc.
My problem is I don't know the variable for timestamp. 
I just want a simple notification like when a user write a response on the ticket, the email he must received is something like;

(timestamp) (name of the user)
On Sep 26, 2017 @06:00 pm, User1 wrote:

(message or response)
Follow-up on this

Hope that this make sense. Thanks.



  • I do not beleive that there is a variable for timestamp (now).

    There is created date, due date, and closed date.  But I could be wrong... luckily 1.10 has type a head when you start adding a variable so you should be able to figure it out relatively quickly.
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