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Assigning Roles to users/teams...

I played with a Osticket trial installation for some months and I liked it very much so I advised my Office to use  Osticket for our Call Center and Help Desk service.
I was charged to install and configure it...all nice but now I was trying to figure out how a role can be assigned to a user.
Cannot find a thing about that on the Admin Panel or googling around....
How can I assign a role to operators? And to users?
Thanks very much in advance.

Desktop Management Service


  • Ops....I figured ou!!
    I apologize!!
  • So your all set?
  • Hi,
    all set is quite something to say. I'm still testing, learning but that argument I figured out all by my lonely self.......
    Anyway now (I'm doing all this in my spare time and that's not that much) I would like to separate help topics on two or more different list  in which to select. I found it can be done by lists and forms and I'm trying to do it...and I hope to be able to do it and if you have any good suggestion to tutorial, help or similar it will be very much appreciated!
    Thanx a lot.

  • Each ticket can have exactly one help topic.  But each Help Topic can have its own custom form.
    edited October 2017
    Yes, it give lot of possibilities....I have just to study how to create lists and forms....:)
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