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Error upgrading from 1.6ST to 1.10


First time here. I've just been attempting to upgrade our dev environment from 1.6ST to 1.10. The upgrader seemed to make it through 1.7 but then closes out reporting an error. If i do a tlog i have this error

[Wed Sep 20 14:13:02 2017] [error] [client IP] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTimeZone::__construct(): Unknown or bad timezone ()' in /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/class.misc.php:87\nStack trace:\n#0 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/class.misc.php(87): DateTimeZone->__construct('')\n#1 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/class.misc.php(110): Misc->user2gmtime(1505927432)\n#2 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/upgrader/streams/core/15b30765-dd0022fb.task.php(248): Misc->dbtime(1505927432)\n#3 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/upgrader/streams/core/15b30765-dd0022fb.task.php(115): AttachmentMigrater->saveAttachment(Array)\n#4 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/upgrader/streams/core/15b30765-dd0022fb.task.php(66): AttachmentMigrater->next()\n#5 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/upgrader/streams/core/15b30765-dd0022fb.task.php(40): AttachmentMigrater->do_batch(27, 100)\n#6 /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/class.upgrader.php(341): AttachmentMigrater->run(30)\n#7 [internal function]: StreamUpgrader->doTask()\n#8 /u01/os in /u01/osticket/osticket/upload/include/class.misc.php on line 87, referer:

I noticed a github thread referencing the timezone error but that seemed to be reporting it was a Windows issue.

VM is running Centos.
PHP v5.6.30
MySQL v5.6.24

Can't seem to get to Settings to provide system information as it just reverts back to the upgrader



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