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Autoresponder based on time and working days

Hi everybody,
Thanks a lot for developing such an
awesome ticketing system, I appreciate every seconds and minutes you
spend on helping others.

We have osTicket (v1.10) installed on our server.

We need a feature to autorespond all new tickets created after 4 PM to 9 AM every day and also in weekends.

For example:

A user create a ticket on Saturday (not a working day) or after 4 PM in a working day, osTicket autorespond this message:

"It's not a working time, we will follow your issue tomorrow between 9 AM and 4 PM"

I read too many topics and searched a lot but couldn't find any solution, Please tell me if you have any idea.

Thanks a lot and best wishes for osTicket team.


  • That's a nifty idea mate, something like the Facebook Pages "chat response assistant", active outside office hours. hmm, that could be useful.
  • Idea is fleshed out a bit here: Needs to be tested (Meaning, currently its completely untested). If you want to test it, feel free to submit issues to the repo.
  • It's so necessary for me, My boss will kill me :D

    We use osTicket and Zohomail, at first I wanted to handle it from Zohomail side but they told me it's not possible, now only ways are from osTicket or postfix mail server.
    Please help me if it's possible from osTicket. Thanks a lot
  • Ok, let me test it a bit, I just tried, and it crashed immediately, so, that version isn't stable.. 
  • Alright, try it now. It's working on mine. 
  • Thanks Grizly, YOU ARE FANTASTIC :X

    That's exactly what I want.

    I will test it as soon as possible.

    Thanks a lot.
  • Thanks again Grizly,
    that plugin works perfectly and I had no issue with it.
    Best wishes.
  • I like the idea of this one as well, once I get a current issue worked out I will test it as well.

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