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Where to install? Local company Server 2016 or hosted cloud.

Hi all,

I have an install of osticket running on our old server (Server 2012) which runs well.  A few months ago we got a new server for the growing company.  Much more powerful hardware and Server 2016.

The old server is now a backup domain controller and I was thinking about moving osTicket to the new one, but part of me wants to keep the new server "clean" as in, only handle print management, DNS, file sharing, etc.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but as cyber attacks become more common, I don't want to install a local web service, and then not be on top of a vulnerability that comes out months from now.  So I've been playing with the idea of just putting it up on our web host.  Plus in order to be able to have employees access the ticket system outside the company I had to port forward with our ISP, but I turned that off recently because I figured it wasn't terribly important.

The main issue I have with that is I don't get the LDAP integration and I feel like that is the only thing keeping it on the local server.  The employees don't have to create a username/password because it integrates with the domain.  Maybe I'm just expecting people are lazy.  It's not like I can't reset passwords for people or create an account for them when a new person comes in.

So I'm just curious what other people think about local or cloud.

And then there is maybe putting it on a Hyper-V.

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