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osTicket and AdminLTE

Hi all!

Because I think that the osTicket UI could do with some overhauling, I decided to start working on integrating AdminLTE in osTicket.
AdminLTE is an open source admin panel, complete with bootstrap, responsive, jquery-ui etc. etc.

I would love your feedback and I'll keep you updated on the progress with some eye candy, starting now...

Username/password admin/password

Don't worry, database is read only... ;)


  • Hey it looks good, but one thing i would hide is the div after the main-footer as it's creating the extra scrollbar.
    There also seems to be a bug the first time you click on the menu items.

    Also only having the title in the div .content seems a bit weird, and also the min-height 250px seems a bit odd.
  • I noticed the menu as well...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    I haven't seen the extra scrollbar but will look into it tomorrow.

    What do you think of the settings menu? It's responsive and uses the full screen. Or would you rather have it as a single list?
  • Some sections seem to have lost the settings and i'm considering if it would fint better to merge the tabs to the upper section or not.
    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to scale to my tablet.
    Also would be nice if the menu stayed open on the page you're at.
  • IIt's worth noting that at this point, only the system settings has been converted and I dont think Í'm missing's not totally finished...
  • It's quite nice looking.
  • If i look under any tab except for the first one, all i see is save changes and reset settings.
  • AdminLte has support for tabs so I'll try to implement a simple for this today. Priority is to get the menu working and do a bit of cleaning up like the div you mentioned...
  • Oh and Micke1101, I think you are looking at the Company profile...I haven't touched that yet... ;)
  • This looks really nice. Really interested in following this and seeing how it goes and maybe implemting it

  • I've already cleaned up that div Micke was talking about...that was there for the autocron so I just hid it. I'm not getting any further with the menu...spend yesterday staring at it so today I'm going to ask around on the forum of AdminLTE...maybe they can shed some light on this problem...

    If you guys look at the AdminLTE timeline demo page ( that's what I want to use for the ticket detail screen...looks promising right ?
  • The code is really sloppy at times...

    I changed this:
    [code]<select class="form-control" name="default_storage_bk"><?php
                                        if (($bks = FileStorageBackend::allRegistered())) {
                                            foreach ($bks as $char => $class) {
                                                $selected = $config['default_storage_bk'] == $char ? 'selected="selected"' : '';
                                                ?><option <?php echo $selected; ?> value="<?php echo $char; ?>"
                                                                                 ><?php echo $class::$desc; ?></option><?php
                                                                         } else {
                                                                             echo sprintf('<option value="">%s</option>', __('Select Storage Backend'));

    to this:
    [code]<select class="form-control" name="default_storage_bk">
                                    if (($bks = FileStorageBackend::allRegistered())) {
                                        foreach ($bks as $char => $class) {
                                            $selected = $config['default_storage_bk'] == $char ? 'selected="selected"' : '';
                                            echo '<option ' . $selected . 'value="' . $char . '">' . $class::$desc . '</option>';
                                    } else {
                                        echo sprintf('<option value="">%s</option>', __('Select Storage Backend'));

    Just a little bit easier on the eyes ;)
  • Great idea, can I see the demo? The user and password do not work.
  • Says access denied when I try to look at the demo. 
  • I am very interested in the theme of AdminLTE for osticket. Accepting donations for download?
  • Hello all,

    I was on vacation so it took a while...
    The reason the username and password no longer work is because someone keeps changing them...I need to setup some sort of demo environment which resets the database every X hours.

    I'll setup a project on Git to make it available for download...
  • Thanks, let me know when we can try the demo. When can we download? Also the beta version....
  • edited August 2017
    Well, the downloadable version will have to wait a bit...I'm still translating stuff and it's quite a bit of work...

    Because I'm removing standard styling from osTicket (it interferes with AdminLTE) it won't fallback to the regular's an all or nothing situation
  • Great, will you be ready for the end of August? I really need it, can I give you a hand?
  • edited August 2017
    The end of august is a really tight deadline...I will have the Git repo ready today.
    You can lend a hand by contributing there...

    I've named it ticketLTE (not very inspiring so suggestions are welcome) and the address:
  • Posting to get updates on this. Looks promising. 
  • you do know that "posting this to get an update" is not really helpful? It's all free time and when free time is less available there will be fewer updates.

    Just be patient or help with the transformation. Updates will come
  • How can we help? What do you need done to help progress this Mr V?

  • Hi mvanson this looks amazing. Althrough i would be wrong not to say that most of what you have acheived has gone over my head but the results speak for its self. AdminLTE is i presume only intergrated into the backend but would it be posible to intergrate it with a front end theme as well making a complete package.

    If i was to add your work from github to a test server would it overwrite any other front end themes installed?

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses and appriciate the work and free time that has gone into this.

  • Wow I would love to see this completed! This is really nice and im sure i speak for everyone here that we really appreciate all your hard work! The guys at my location would love to see this! Once again good job and we look forward to implementing this in our Osticket build!
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