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How to connect 2 or more instances of Osticket?

Hi all,

We have some instances of osticket running in parallel, but, we need to connect two, or more, of them to solve some tickets.

I have a ticket in instance "A". To manage this ticket I need to create
another one in instance "B" where it will be solved. Finally, when
ticket in instance "B" is solved, I need to update the status and the
final solution also in instance "A" .

Anyone had the same problem? Any suggestion?


  • This really isn't a feature of osTicket.

    I suppose what you could do it use email (and send email from one instance to another based on the agent/user).  I probably wouldn't be perfect, but its better than nothing.

    We use one instance of osTicket to support 7 different Agency's and 4 different departments.  So you dont really need more than one instance unless you want each User to see their own logo on the front page.
  • Use departments?
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