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ticket attachment

I just wanted to ask why ticket attachments are stored in "ost_file" and not inside the attachment folder I made? I was using file storage plugin (storage.phar) and enabled that already.

osTicket version 1.9.15


  • You are mistaken.  The pointer to the fils, file name, etc. (but not the file) are stored in ost_file.  If you installed the plugin correctly then the file is physically being stored on the file system.  Other wise it would be in the ost_file_chunk table.
  • @ntozier is correct, osTicket uses the table to store metadata about the attachment and the hash, then looks up the file by the hash (that's why the files and folder names appear to be gibberish in the filesystem).

    You can verify that it's working by checking the backend field in the files table, or simply making a ticket then searching for modified files with a command like: find /path/to/attachment -mtime -1
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