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Email Piping and SSL


I have two questions. First, I am trying to understand what email piping does. Here is what I want to know if osticket is capable of doing and if so, how? When a client submits a ticket, us admins will be alerted of the new ticket. When we respond back to the ticket, we want the client to have the option to be able to reply right from the email instead of having to login to the ticket system each time. How would that work? Do I have to setup a real email address like helpdesk and have the tickets generate from that email address so that when clients reply, it goes to the Helpdesk email user? If so, this means that all staff would now have to setup the 'helpdesk' account in their clients and that's not trivial to be monitoring too many inboxes :-\....any thoughts?

The other is, how do I setup SSL or enable SSL for the ticket system?



  • Oh and when a client does reply via email, how can I have it update the ticket as well? Is any of this possible or do I have to code this in somehow?
  • I'm no OSTicket expert, but you can achieve all of this rather easily with OSTicket.
    The answer to all of your troubles is to create an email alias.
    The from that the OSTicket uses will be seen in the email that the user receives.
    That same user will reply in between the
    ===== reply =====

    === end reply ====
    When the user replies, and sends the email to '', that is actually an alias that emails your 3 support guys and then a 4th email to OSTicket under whichever address it monitors, this way a new ticket will be created appropriately.

    Does this sound like something that would work for you?
  • Tecknix,

    That is how I have it setup actually. The only problem is that when a user replies to a ticket, it just sends me an email of the reply but the ticket itself is never updated with the reply. What should I look at in the settings and where to make sure the ticket is also update when they reply via email?

    Thanks :-)
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