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DMT "RISA": Responsive osTicket > Redactor Mod with Bootstrap Integration

Hi there, today I like to present you our final redactor modification, based on redactor 10.2.5

1. Bootstrap integration
2. Font Awesome integration
3. Glyphicons integration
4. Inline styles <div> <span> <code> <pre> <sub> <sup>
5. Fontsize

Bootstrap is now displayed in redactor editor with the bootstrap default theme, so it's near WYSIWYG. We implemented a lot of bootstrap snippets and templates, so it's easy to use bootstrap by unexperienced users. Just select and click... We now allow most tags like <div> and attributes like "class" and "style", they won't be stripped of. For this reason, we disabled the possibility for the frontend user to edit code. "Unsecure" attributes like "data-*", "role" etc. are stripped of further. Our plugins by default setup are displayed in the backend on all redactor editor fields except mail templates and frontend user.

So you can use the modified redactor editor on pages and in the knowledgebase.

Here's a little showcase, like redactor looks now:

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