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Customizing export to excel and ticket view fields

HI All!

I have searched this topic a lot and see that many posts here offer tricks on how to achieve this by editing class.export.php file, but since I don't have much of any coding experience I think it's wise to make this post here to ask for specific instructions.

I am using osticket v1.10 latest stable release installed on XAMPP on WIN7.

My queries:
  • I am using custom form fields only(and nothing else) for a custom help topic. These are just 3 fields which the ticket collects.
  • In the agent panel where one can view tickets, is there a trick to make these custom form fields visible right there as well?
  • And I would then like to export to excel with these fields too, at the same time removing some default fields which osticket exports to excel such as subject etc.


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