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SMTP not working on office 365 premium account

Hi All,

I have migrated our mail to office 365 premium, and now I have problems with sending mails through osticket. Receiving mails works, but sending not. it gives the following error:

Sending Email via SMTP     
authentication failure [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 535, response: 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful [])]

There are a number of forum threads on this topic, but so far nothing has worked. The specific error I can't find either on this forum. Can someone help me?
My settings are as follows:


Logging in on IMAP works, sending mail doesn't work
osticket version: v1.10
PHP version: 5.5.26 
> openssl s_client -crlf -connect -starttls smtp -> connects with ssl from my server


  • put SSL:// in front of hostname, I don't recall if you need to do it for both of them, but the first one for sure if using SSL. Try it and let us know. 
  • Hi Synt4xError,

    Fetching the mails works fine. Sending mails does not work. With your proposal I get the following error:

    Hostname: ssl:// 

    Sending Email via SMTP     
    Failed to connect to ssl:// [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to ssl:// (Unknown error) (code: -1, response: )]

    It looks like now it can't even connect anymore.
  • Okay so your only issue is with sending mail? 
  • This isn't response to your latest post, but please update PHP to 5.6.x, your version is not suitable for any edition lower than 1.10 for OSTicket. 
  • I migrated the mailbox away from microsoft to zoho in the end. I will update php 5.6
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