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Possible to add more states to Tasks?

Any easy way to add more status states addition to open, closed to tasks?

Looking for internal issue only between three people.  Would use tickets, but it's always the same person initiating the tickets so didn't see any reason to have them fill out additional info.


  • I do not use tasks, but I do not beleive that there is.  The point of tasks is to make small tasks that need to be completed, and then close them.  I do not even think that there are plans to add more "statuses" to tasks.

    If your staff logs in as a user they do not need to fill out additional information?

  • Thanks.  I'll probably migrate to the ticket system from the task system and let the staff file tickets as themselves.  It just ends up being a touch confusing, as the tickets are on behalf of other people... and I don't want to go through the effort to put everyone in the system and there is no self-submission option for us at this time.

    I was just going to put custom fields in the forms to identify who the ticket was about.
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