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[resolved] Embedded Video and allowfullscreen

When i embed a video to FAQ from YouTube with allowfullscreen flag in the iframe and save the FAQ the allowfullscreen flag is removed

Other tags like style is preserved however the allowfullscreen flag keep removing!

Any ideas?


  • It's not a permitted tag.  It's stripped on purpose.
  • thanks for your prompt reply.
    So how can i enable the full screen for youtube?
  • You would have to alter the code.  I'm not real sure how or where you would do that off the top of my head (its been a long day and im tired) but I know that people have posted about urls and video being stripped from pages and faqs and I imagine that the solution for those would be similar for this.  HTMLawed has a configuration file and editing that might do the trick.
  • Thanks, the fix was in include/class.format.php.

    in safe_html method i modified the iframe allowed attributes to enable the allowfullscreen attribute

    'iframe=-*,height,width,type,style,allowfullscreen,src(match="`^(https?:)?//(www\.)?(youtube|dailymotion|vimeo)\.com/`i"),frameborder'.($options['spec'] ? '; '.$options['spec'] : ''),

    Thanks for your support
  • Thanks for posting what you did to get this working for you. Hopefully this will help someone else. :)

    I'll mark this as resolved and close it, but please do not hesitate to open a new thread if you have another issue.
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