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[resolved] Reassign only to agents n a department


I am using 1.9.12
I have agents and departments.
I have assigned the agents to various departments.

When I go to assign the ticket to another agent, the dropdown shows ALL agents, including those in a different department.
You also cannot see which department they work for.

My application is such that I will end up with hundreds/thousands of agents, so the drop down is not going to work for me.

Any suggestions?  I am open to upgrading to 1.10 and or some custom code.



  • If you upgrade to 1.10, then you will only see the agents in the list that have access to the department the ticket is in, rather than the entire list of all agents.
  • Thanks.  That worked perfectly!

  • Glad to hear it, I will close this post and mark it resolved. Feel free to start up a new post if you have any other problems or questions.

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