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[resolved] Ticket Details not displayed for Clients Form on web

Hi all, 
I've installed osTicket 1.10 and I'm trying to get my head around why the 'Ticket Detail' field isn't displayed on the form that clients use to 'Open a ticket' on the web? 

Ticket Summary and other custom fields are displayed, but not the Ticket Detail field so that they can explain the issues in more detail. 
I have checked the settings for 'Ticket Details' in the Config (Admin -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details) and they are currently all enabled (for testing) - see attached image. 

However the field doesn't appear on the client side. Am I missing something? Initially though it might have to do with PHP version so I changed from 7.0 to 5.6, but no change. 

Server info:
osTicket Versionv1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
Web Server SoftwareLiteSpeed
MySQL Version5.7.15
PHP Version5.6.30




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    Hi Daniel,

    Could you provide us with more screenshots?
    For example, of the open ticket page?

    Best regards,
  • Hi Nick. 
    Attached is the Client End - open ticket page. 


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    Hi Daniel,

    When filling in the ticket do the ticket details show when a help-topic is selected?



    Let me know if that works.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Nick. 
    The Help Topic defaults to the first topic by default as it seems, and even if I change the help topic the Ticket Details don't show up. 


  • Hi Daniel,

    On which browsers have you tested this?
    (make sure to test it on Google Chrome aswell)

    Also, try to do the following in the settings of the field.

    Uncheck box for end users
    Check box for agents

    Data integrity:

    Let me know about the results.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Nick. 
    I've checked on Chrome and Safari. 

    I changed the options you mentioned and checked again in Chrome and Safari, but no luck :(

    The current boxes checked are:
    - Enabled
    - Visible (both EndUsers and Agents)
    - Editable (Agents only)

  • Hi again, an update...

    I have another osTicket installed since earlier and I just checked that one and the Ticket Details are displayed for Open Ticket there.

    When comparing the settings I noticed that in my older install of osTicket the following Variables are greyed out: 
    - subject
    - message
    - priority 

    However in the new install they are not greyed out - not sure if that has any meaning but thought I'd mention it just in case. 
  • It looks to me like your not picking a help topic. (I know you said you are, but your screen shot says other wise). Try using the browser developer tools (f12 in Chrome) and see if there are any errors.
  • Hi ntozier
    I disabled the Default Topic chosen in the Ticket Config and tried using Google Dev.
    Attached are two screenshoots with Google Dev activated, but from what I can see no errors (or warnings) appear. 


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  • Ok, here is an update...

    I installed a new version of osTicket to test - and then the Ticket Details appeared immediately!

    As I went through the configurations in the Admin Panel, comparing the two, I noticed that a number of config options where not 'greyed out' as mentioned previously - and other options wasn't marked as Active by default on my previous install. So I'm starting to think that the previous install wasn't done properly during the automatic install as it now seems to all be working on my new install. 

    So I've decided to use the new install instead as it hasn't gone live yet. 
  • Hi Daniel,

    It is very likely that some files might have been damaged while installing OSticket with your old set up.
    Glad to hear it's all good now.

    Best regards,
  • @ausswe I'm glad to hear that you got this sorted out. I concur with @NickTheITguy assessment that there must have been some corruption or damage done to the files during install. :)

    Closing thread, and marking it resolved.  Please start a new thread if you have another issue that we can assist you with, or have feedback, etc. :)
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