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Lose settings language

Today i opened the test system and i lose the setting language.
I download the new file it.phar and it put in the i18n folder but the system don't save the correct language.

Best regards.


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  • edited April 2017
    I have no idea what you are trying to say the problem is.  Perhaps you could provide us with a screen shot.

    Also you appear to be using some unknown version of the 1.8 branch from git hub.  Please download the distribution archive from and replace your site files with that.  You should be running 1.10 (901e5ea) and you are not.
  • edited April 2017
    Hi motux,

    From your screenshot i can clearly see that the language pack is detected by OSticket.

    But you seem (as ntozier described) to be using an unknown version of OSticket.
    The Language pack you installed is for version 1.10.

    Please use the solution mentioned by ntozier.

    Best regards,
  • Hi all, Now i reboot the virtual server and the language it is starting.
    The version of osticket is
    I like to know more about the system i18n.
    How does it load the file phar?How does the translation through js?
    Thanks a lot
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