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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

New ticket in new installation 1.10 HTTP500 error

When I open a new ticket result in error 500
in browser chrome shows

La página no puede procesar esta solicitud ahora.

Pulsa el botón de actualización de página para que se vuelvan a enviar los datos
Something like
Page can not process this request now.
Press the page refresh button to resend the data

In error_log
[19-Mar-2017 21:59:04 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method TextareaWidget::getAttachments() in /home/escuelai/public_html/osticket/open.php on line 34

Thanks in advance



  • Atach image with installation details
  • New install?
    Do you get this error if you revert to the English language pack?
    Were you or have you ever used the Attachment:: Filesystem plugin?

    HAve you seen this?

    You are the second person to report something similar on PHP 5.6.30. I'm wondering if its something unique to that version of PHP.
  • Thanks for your quick response, it is a new install.
    I saw that error but in my database the file table the field "bk" is all in D.
    I will try with English language.
    I only copy folder and language, I have not install or configure any plugin.

  • I changed Primary Language to English (United States) with same result. In browser appears some data in English and other in Spanish. I have to change php version?
  • Now I installed version 1.9 and everything works fine, goodbye 1.10

  • So then should I close this thread?
  • I am sorry but you must have done something to cause this if you revert it back to English and Spanish is still showing in some locations. Did you manually change certain things to Spanish? Did you use an outdated Spanish language (Meaning did you not download latest one from OSTicket's website?).

    I just installed OST v1.10 with Spanish language and it worked fine.
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