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Can you have multiple tickets or set fields via url?

I service a product used by several companies.  I need to know what company the ticket is for and I can't list the companies as some are competitive.
I had 2 ideas to solve this, however have not been able to implement either.  Also open to other ideas.
1.  Have different support tickets and have the product or the companies site link to the specific page for that brand, with the page having specific defaults.
2.  Use URL link to set certain fields using /support/open.php?variable=data.

I have found that I could have a form the emails to a specific email and have it set certain defaults that way. But there are also specific answers I need filled in on the sub forms.  I don't see any way to parse the email into the fields.

Using the API is not practical in my use case.  

Any ideas would be greatly appriciated


  • Personally what I would do .... is setup ticket filters to assign the tickets to a Department based on the originating domain.  If the ticket is view-able in Department Foo... then you would know that it came from Company Foo.  It the ticket is view-able in Department Bar, then you know that it came from company Bar.  If the filter doesn't trigger (someone sending from a personal account) then you would have the ticket generated in a third department called Sorting (or something).
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