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Editing %{signature}

Hi Guys,

I'm just updating all of our email templates and I notice it calls %{signature}, which I also need to update.

I cannot find where I edit this, can someone point me in the right direction please?



  • Since you have not included the version of osTicket you are running I will assume that you are using current (1.10 as of this response):

    First place:
    Login as an Agent.  Click on Profile (upper right). Click on Signature tab.
    Edit it as you see fit.  Click Save Changes.

    Second place:
    Login as an Agent.  Click on Admin panel. Go to Agents -> Departments.  One by one click on each department and edit the "Department Signature" text field. Click Save Changes.
  • Sorry, I am using V1.7. I thought I was posting in the 1.7 area.

    Thank you for your help. I'll go through this and change the department signatures.
  • I've had a look at this by going through Staff  --> Departments. I can see the signature area within them, but none are the one I am looking to edit.

    Is it set elsewhere in 1.7? It's definitely a global signature and not a staff signature.

  • It could be a department signature.  It could be a Team signature..  It could be part of the email templates.  It could be that someone modified your core source files and added one staticly.
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