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Double ticket creation (web) when customer reloads "thank you" page

Please fix this bug asap as it makes us run into trouble.

When a customer created a ticket via web and refreshed/reloads the "thank you" page it creates new tickets.
This way we have several tickets for the same thing with different numbers.



  • Bug/Issue reports are made at github.  I would be surprised if there wasn't already an issue report and a fix for it there.
  • I searched for it but didn't find any. The only one that comes close to it has a comment that this should be asked in the forums, hence I asked here.
  • It creates the following DB error when this happens:

    `ost_session` SET `session_id` = 'vhm5nkxxxxxxxxxdge7ju254',
    `session_data` =
    `session_expire` = NOW() + INTERVAL 86400 SECOND, `user_ip` =
    '', `user_agent` = 'Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +']


    Duplicate entry 'vsdasdasdasdasdas254' for key 'PRIMARY'<br />

    <br />

    ---- Backtrace ----<br />

    #0 (root)/include/mysqli.php(204): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1062', '[INSERT INTO `o...')<br />

    #1 (root)/include/class.orm.php(3133): db_query('INSERT INTO `os...', true, true)<br />

    #2 (root)/include/class.orm.php(597): MySqlExecutor->execute()<br />

    #3 (root)/include/class.ostsession.php(216): VerySimpleModel->save()<br />

    #4 (root)/include/class.ostsession.php(158): DbSessionBackend->update('dddddd5jjv372q...', 'csrf|a:2:{s:5:"...')<br />

    #5 [internal function]: SessionBackend->write('ddddddddd372q...', 'csrf|a:2:{s:5:"...')<br />

    #6 [internal function]: session_write_close()<br />

    #7 {main}
  • MySQL is reporting Duplicate entry 'vsdasdasdasdasdas254' in the table ost_session.  I would delete the duplicate and then try logging in.
  • Deleting the dublicate is not the problem, it's rather a problem that it can create double tickets.
    When submitted via webinterface it should "forbidd" to create new tickets through refreshing the page (that is what triggers creating a new ticket).

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