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phpBB and OSTicket


Is it possible to link my phpBB users to my osticket support page so they can create an account on the forums and that will automatically create them an account on the support page.



  • Possible?  Yes.  
    Built into either project currently or a bridge or plugin to do so?  No.

    Sounds like a good idea for an authentication plugin though if you have code skills..
  • There lies the problem, I have no php experience at all.
  • Would anyone be able to help me?
  • Then you would either find someone who has already done this and is willing to share it, or hire someone to code it for you.
  • @Harry_Cameron, I am not sure folks use forums like phpBB anymore with facebook groups and google groups around. One thought I had, which is probably not an option but it is doable, is to setup Windows Server, use IIS instead of Apache, setup an Active Directory environment, use PHPBB3 with LDAP authentication, and use OSTicket with LDAP authentication.

    The issue with this is, you will have to manually create the Active Directory accounts, there is no Sign Up page for this. But with minimal coding experience you could do something like that. Otherwise definitely find a coder to do it for you at a cost.
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