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Upgrader won't run

I am upgrading from 1.6 ST to 1.7.0 (with the goal of upgrading to 1.9+ eventually, but was advised to do it in steps). 

I have downloaded 1.7 and replaced the /upload and /script file in my install, but when I login the system does not run the upgrader script. It seems to think it's still in 1.6 ST. Can anyone help me diagnose this issue?


  • I did manage to replace the core files and I am getting the upgrader to run show up now. 

    When I run it though, it says "error encountered" and just returns to the same upgrade screen after aborting. Nothing in the logs about it either. Can anyone help me diagnose this issue?
  • the contents of the upload folder in the archiuve should be placed in your root osticket folder.
    Then when you go to the site the upgrader should run automatically.

    If its failing then either your not running 1,6ST or there is a PHP error getting logged.
  • When I do this, it seems to think I'm doing a whole new install, and I see this: 

    Is there a reason I'm not seeing the upgrader instead?
  • I would presume that you put the files in the wrong place.
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