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fetched emails into separate help topics?

We have been using OST for a while on a basic setup that has worked well for us.
We recently setup fetching of email tickets with help from the forum and it is working great, but I am pretty green in this area.
My question is: can OST be set up so that the fetched email tickets may go into different help topics automatically? as it is right now, they all come to one default help topic and have to be reassigned by hand.



  • You could probably do this with a ticket filter.

    Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticekt Filters 
    set a name
    set an execution order
    select the target channel: emails

    Rules matching criteria
    User / Email Address, 

    Click Fitler Actions.
    Set Select an Action to "Set Department"
    in the drop down select the department you want the ticekts to go to
  • jebjeb
    edited February 2017
    This is great! Thanks so much.
    Now comes the real challenge: getting people used to including descriptive subject lines including keywords.

  • Just do not help them if they do not follow directions :)
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