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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

OSTicket v1.10 Merge / Duplicate Ticket mods attached



  • yap that was it, I updated line 318 and 319 and it's clear

    another issue when trying to duplicate ticket

    I have Location set to required for user/agent
    any thoughts?  Thanks
    unable to duplicate ticket.PNG
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  • I've disabled the duplicate button in my setup, but just quickly looking at the code it looks like it's trying to copy all forms and fields.

    What type is the location field?
  • Office, locations under lists (or is it better to use a form?)  so we know where the issues are coming from.  In future, we may add other required fields to help end users

    I only see Merge permission
    Merge option.PNG
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  • Hi. Can anyone please tell me witch files are modded fpr this feature?
    I went to wxternal link where i found 1 sql (and ok) but all files of ostickets... I have chanmged some files in my installation so I'd like to overwrite only the files really modded.
    Thank You in advance
  • I'm running OsTicket v.1.10 with merge/duplicate mod.
    Did anyone with merge mod update to v.1.10.1?
    Does it still works after update?
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