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No user fields to create users

I've got my installation up and running. The only thing I've changed from the base installation is installing the LDAP plugin. Seems to work fine for agents. My problem is I can't seem to create user accounts. The forms appear blank, same with orgs. I've attached screenshots and a screenshot of my basic install info. I might be missing something easy....


  • Not sure why attachments didn't post... trying again....
  • Belay that, Looks like you need to go to Admin > Manage > Forms and enable each of the fields you want. Seems like it would make more sense to have those enabled by default.... strange...
  • My experience is that the fields are enabled by default. This seems to be an bug. I have seen this unwanted behavior pretty often in the last time with osticket 1.10 and php 7.x. 

    What do you use?
  • Config info is on that attachment ^^^^ . I'm working around it fairly easily. It was perplexing me though!
  • Oops, I have overseen that ;-)

    I personally would avoid using osticket with php 7.x until the code is adjusted for working with that php release.

  • ah! Ok I'm in testing phase now but will consider the advice if I get serious! Thanks!
  • Since you mention  the LDAP plugin I should mention that there are a couple little issues with the LDAP plugin and 1.10. There are two fixes [one in this thread and one in a linked thread].
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