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one user getting sent to after login

As in the title i have an installation in which the user uses as a shortcut and up until recently had no issue.
now after the login screen he is being directed to /scp/autocron.php if the address bar is edited to remove autocron.php then it logs in.

ideas would be appreciated .

set up.
synology: DS213j (which i'm not sure is great for this) DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 7
ost version: V1.9-rc
php: 5.6.28
mysql :5.5.53 



  • 1.9-rc ... First off that was a pre-release non-stable version released in Apr 2014.  Secondly, one should never use rc releases in production.  You should upgrade.  I highly doubt that you will get a better answer than that since your running a beta release.
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