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Exporting data

Hello good day!

Guys, I need some urgent help! I need to make a report in Excel, I exported the closed and open calls. However, when exporting, there is no field in the spreadsheet that we have been feeding for a few days.
This field was created in the "Call Details" form and I need this data does anyone know what it can be?

The following is the scenario:

Version: v1.9.12 
MySQL Version: 5.5.49
PHP Version: 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.16


  • I don't use that version (which is old and should really be upgraded).  I'm pretty sure that export has had some wonky issues for a while now.

    If you want to make good reports you should probably get the information from the database yourself.
    Or use @scottro great Report Mod from
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