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Emails flows

I want to know if it can be done with osTicket.

My company that I'm working for have IT Help Desk system and it also create the ticket number for new ticket request.

I want to implement osticket at my section and I want to use the IT Help Desk system the one for the company for ticket numbers instead of osticket number..

That's how our emails flows

1. Client open a new ticket via the email with osTicket.
2. The agent validate/check the new opened ticket if all the necessary information is provided.
3. If the information is valid, the agent approve the new ticket and the approved email should go to the IT Help Desk for ticket number.
4. Then the ticket number is sent out to the client.

My question: is it possible to foreward the client opened ticket to the IT Help desk for the company on his behalf?.



  • No.  osTicket creates ticket numbers for tickets when an email is received.
    There is no way to tell osTicket to use a different ticket number from another product instead.

    Forwarded emails will open as the person forwarding the email, not as who the person who originally sent the email.
  • "Forwarded emails will open as the person forwarding the email, not as who the person who originally sent the email."

    @ntozier I have actually tricked my ticket system into opening a forwarded email as the original sender by setting the Reply To address as that user when doing the forward. And I have my ticket filters set up to use the Reply To address. 

    Only problem is that I can only really do this from my computer. I can not set a reply to address when forwarding from my iPhone (that I have figured out yet anyway).
  • I personally get around this (on my computer) by having my tickets email address configured on my email client. If I need want something to open a ticket then I drag it to the inbox of the ticket address, or I use the Quick Action I made (in Outlook to move it for me).
  • I do that usually as well, but for some reason Outlook will only let me have 10 email accounts set up at at time, and we somehow managed to work our way up to 17 different email accounts set up in our ticket system generating tickets for different support areas :-O

  • Not to derail or get too far off topic, but it sounds to me like you need to use more mailing lists. ;)
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