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OsTicket 1.10 is stripping out html tags and params from canned responses


I'm duplicating this thread because I've posted it in a wrong place (in osTicket v1.8.x). I'm sorry for this neophyte error. Please moderators, you can close/delete the old post.

I have some canned responses that are making use of inline css styles (style=) and div tags.

In OsTicket 1.9 I had no problems with that, but after the update to version 1.10 the inline style params, divs and other html tags are stripped out when I select a canned response.

Please, look the attached files.

File "1": the saved canned response


File "2": the result when I try to use the response


This is an issue or a new configuration that can be modified?

I apologize for my bad English.

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