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Use other template set for API

Whether a ticket is started when a customer sends an email or I generate a ticket with API, the customer get the template "New ticket auto-reply"

I'd like to be able to have another template for API generated messages, so the user gets an email with the text I send from the API

I have created a copy of " osTicket Default Template (HTML)  (System Default)", 

Can I use that for responses from API? I have set up a filter which catches messages from the API, but I can't see how to proceed from here,



  • I feel like you are making this more difficult than you need to.
    If your using the API, you can assign the ticket to a custom department.
    At that level shut off the auto response.
    Use your script to send them an auto reply saying whatever you want.
  • Does the api give me the info I need to make a link for the customer to log into the ticket?
  • No.  You would have to craft your own URLs.
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