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Configuration file is not writable

I'm about to pull my hair out.

So I'm installing 1.9.14 onto a virtual box/LAMP centos 7

I've downloaded ostickets from the source and changed the directory ownership to apache:apache

I've chowned everything in the directory to be 755
I've renamed the ost-config.php file from the sample file and changed the permissions to 666, all the way to 777.

No matter what I do I'm stuck on the installer that shows that the ost-config file is not writable. When clearly I see that it is.

Does anyone have any trouble shooting ideas I could try? I don't think my laptop will survive the next couple of days.


  • This does not appear to be a suggestion or feedback.  Moving this to Installation and Setup Help.

    CentOS comes with SELinux enabled by default.  Try turning it off temporarily.
  • Thank you ntozier,

    I thought I had turned of SELinux, but after looking at it it was still enabled. After disabling it everything works now. blah!

  • Very welcome. :)
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