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BUG v1.9.12 - On search function several ticket are missed!

I'm running osTicket v1.9.12 and I have an issue:
The search function does not work as expected.
basic and advanced search (scp/tickets.php) looking for \"FirstName_staff LastName_staff
I should get as a result: all tickets that are created or having
transited by the attempted operator.
Instead, this is not: several ticket overdue and some ticket not answered, are not shown in result list. They are missed!
Sure, someone else does the same. Can you fix it?

Best regards
Marco Prunecchi


  •  Please always upgrade to current before reporting an issue.  1.9.14 is current as of this writing.

    Are you using Advanced Search?  or the quick Search?
  • Sadly, the issue exists using both basic and advanced search.
    I would like to upgrade but, in release notes (v1.9.13 and v1.9.14), I can not find this BUG fix,
    so I have not done yet.
    Can someone fix this BUG and carry out new release?

    Best regards
    Marco Prunecchi
  • Hi.

    I too have problems like you describe. Could it be something with LOCALE? In our system we do have some special chars like the Swedish å, ä and ö. Maybe those chars are blocking some function used in the search.

    Please let me know as soon as any solution is presented.

    Kind regards Ronny
  • I use 1.9.14, and as mprunecchi it is for both Advanced Search and quick Search.
  • Hi,
    I've updated my osTicket istance to version 1.9.15 but the above issue persists using both basic and advanced search!
    So, I would get around the issue. I ask this: if is it, how is it achievable to search all the tickets generated by the staff operator X Y?

    Best regards
    Marco Prunecchi
  • 1.10 is current as of this writing.  I would recommend that you upgrade and test again.
  • Maybe I do not understand how the full text search works.
    I would try to search for the following string:
    Ticket creato dall'agente - Mario Rossi
    In advanced search, I tried to use the string:
    Ticket creato dall'agente - Mario Rossi"
    "Ticket creato dall agente - Mario Rossi"
    Ticket creato dall\'agente - Mario Rossi"
    Ticket creato dall\'agente \- Mario Rossi'
    (Exactly as written above)
    But I just get incorrect results.
    Could you tell me the exact
    search string, to obtain the above list?

    Best regards
    Marco Prunecchi
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