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modifying some pages (new ticket and print page)

Hello guys,

Question: is it possible to modify the new ticket page. What I mean is to remove some lines like sla plan and due date for example. If I cant remove it is there a way to hide it ? In other words, some people (not me hehe) where I work tells me theres too much info on screen and they find it exasperating... ya ?!? I don't know. Anyways, like I said, is there any way to remove or hide some info on the new ticket page

Question 2: is there any way to remove or hide some information or lines on the printed page...without breaking the whole page. I tried to comment some lines in class.pdf.php and it literaly broke. it looked ugly. So I wondered if there any way to remove some stuff on that page. I already modified that page so I added a agreement section and a signing line so I can print it and get a signature from a customer but...too many info on that page to my liking.

thanks in advance for any info provided


  • Hi bigbangnet, 

    Please provide the version you are using

    1. Which "New Ticket" page you mean, for clients or staff? You can set the defaults then use a bit of css to hide the fields? 

    2. Which bits did you want to remove? Some things would be easier to remove from the templates, but we need to know which version you have. 
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