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Multi LDAP authentication Setup


I am new to OSTicket and I have went through the installation without much issue.
I have installed and configured the "LDAP authentication and lookup" plugin, it works fine with one domain that I test.
However, I have multiple domains so I look for another plugin called "multi LDAP authentication" developed by jphilbert:

I can't get it working as it failed to authenticate a user on a domain. Assume the user is from domain A, so the user should be able to login by domain A valid authentication and domain B failed. But from the error log it seems the login was rejected due to failing on authenticating on both domains. Shouldn't the authentication is 'or' condition but not 'and' condition?

Any help or advice is appreciated.


  • You would want to talk to forum user @jphilbert about his plugin. I've never used it.
  • Thanks. I have already sent jphilbert a private message. Waiting to hear back from him.
  • Sorry I have not been back in a while ... I have an update coming that fixed a lot of things and adds a syncing feature
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