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Internal Comment with API

edited October 2016 in General Discussions

After reading this Article:
I was able to use the API and I am very satisfied with it.

But I could not figure out if, or how it is possible to add content to the internal note,
or change the Ticket Source when creating a ticket with the api.

Any Tips ?


  • edited October 2016
    (I have to admit a it made me smile that you reference the now dated article I wrote)

    I do not think that the Ticket Source is changeable [as it should be set to API].

    As far as adding an internal note, I don't think that you can do that since there is no ticket to add the note to... until after the ticket is created.  Sorta of a which came first the chicken of the egg scenario.  

    I understand that the API should getting some additional features (one of which may be updating an already existing ticket) so I guess you could roll your own API module or wait for the devs to do it.  While things have been slow recently since Jared left full time dev the parent company of osTicket has hired four new devs to hopefully get things back up to speed.

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