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Canned attachment not attaching

I created a couple of canned responses and added an attachment to both of them in the 'Canned Attachments (optional) ' section. When saving the attachment, it is there and all is good.

However if I test this out and reply to a ticket and choose the canned response, the attachment isn't attached to the email, Am I missing an obvious setting to somehow enable the attachment to appear or is it a server problem for our IT guys?


  • With this, even when I select the canned response when preparing my reply to the ticket, the attachment doesn't even appear here either so its not like it is here but isn't being emailed through.

    Even when I check the canned response again the file I attached is there so it just isn't picking it up when selecting the canned response.
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  • This was some kind of odd temporary issue (of which I have noticed there seem to be a couple in osticket) as when going back to it and trying again 30 minutes later, the attachment was there fine.

    It's like when I go to change ticket owner sometimes, I click 'change user' and nothing happens' The only way to fix this is close the popup, leave the ticket then go back in and try again and it works.
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