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Reply to a new email address but without going to the original ticket creator

My client has a requirement that is a little out of the ordinary.

What they require is to be able to reply to a ticket but reply to a different email address than the original users. The purpose is that if an end user creates a ticket enquiring about their wages for example, my client may need to discuss this with another company first (which wont be internal so the external company would have no access to this ticket system) and THEN get back to the original ticket creator.

 So if creates the ticket, my client wants top be able to use the 'reply' area to forward it onto someone external first then once they have a response, they will update the ticket accordingly and get back to Joe Bloggs. I am aware this could mean the thread will be updated with everything (including any external conmments from the external company),. but this is isnt an issue for my client as for their needs, the end user will have no access to either the thread or the front end ticket system so all they will see is my clients reply to them.

Currently I can reply to the end user and copy in another address but what I would want is a new option on the drop down that simply allows to 'reply to different address'.

It's clearly going to be a modification but can anyone advise?  


  • If this isn't possible without a lot of modding, could someone give me a call to discuss our requirements and give us a price for this kind of customization as we have another bit of modding too which you could also do.

    You can get me John on 01524745297
  • I think that this will be achievable once 1.10 is released... using the new Tasks feature.  However until that happens, there is no way to do this in the UI that isn't multiple steps EVERY time that you want to do it *1.  I would recommend that you wait for the new version. 

    *1 You would have to: change ticket owner, update ticket, change ticket owner back.  And if the user (Client) ever logged into the ticket system they would be able to see the update.
  • Hi ntozier, many thanks for the response.

    I look forward to version 1.10 then however as far as I am aware, this functionality is only going to be needed by my client in a small number of cases so your workaround may actually be suitable for now until the update comes out.

    I shall test that out.
  • You're very welcome.  I'll leave this thread open so that you can report back how it works for you. :)
  • Hi ntozier, just to update you this does in fact do the trick and allows me to reply to someone else. The downside is that the staff need to remember to then change the ticket back to the original owner which, given how busy they are at times, is something I imagine would slip their minds at some point which then messes up the trail for auditing purposes.

    But it is quick fix so I'm sure they can work with it for now.
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