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State of full responsive themes on 2016/09

edited September 2016 in Suggestions and Feedback

As per September 2016, what's the status about full (ie. both about users and staff sides) responsive themes?

Searching quickly today, what I understand is that osTicket could be "themifiable" (whatever theme, reponsive or not) a day but w/o accurate deadline because of the difficulty to separate its current logic from the user-interface. Right?

Also, awaiting this important day*, I found two places for full responsive themes (two only):

- DMT Club at with 3 themes for osTicket 1.9.12/13 from EUR39 [+VAT] for 1 site & 3 month updates.

- osTicket AWESOME at with 1 theme for osTicket 1.9.12 & 1.10-RC2 at USD100 [+VAT] for ? site(s) & 2 years updates.

Do you know others? Do you have experience to share with those?

* "Important" because if osTicket if perfect for technical websites, the interface is more and more important for marketing/commercial oriented websites these days... I have two websites in this situation, where I had to update their look n' feel because my users and partners called my previous ones : "The old-school geek's sites" LOL

EDIT : Oh! and I'm using osTicket 1.9.14 (the last stable release) for my current public sites and no one (DMT & Awesome) talks about this version. What's the stability of the 1.10-RC2 ? I don't want to take any risk in my production sites (on the other ones, no problem, but not for the commercial ones).


  • There's this website that claims they have a themed option for osTicket 1.9.14. I am not sure if the Admin/Agent panel is themed though.
  • Thanks, phosho, I can't just now but I'll visit this link asap for sure.
  • Acording to there website, the admin section is not themed
  • Yes, I saw afterward (when I effectively visited), they state it clearly : "The customisation is limitd to the front end of the theme. The backend ( scp ) section is not included in the customisation".
  • Have anyone bought any of the above themes?

    Would love to see them in "real life use" and also hear what you might have to say about them...

    I'm currently using the free theme from DMT Club, but they have been very silent since the last release so I'm still left on 1.9.12 and is looking for another option that is more reliable when it comes to future updates...
  • edited September 2016
    Yes, if I use one (when I'll use one), I'll be back here to share my experience of course... But for the moment, like you, I'm wondering if the staff side is really useful; it's not an answer but a reflexion. On designers side, the reason why is quite clear : it's far more of work and difficulties to provide both sides... Maybe the good path would be that the osTicket's team handles the subject and -- why not? -- takes and official partnership with one of the existing theme designers. Just to go forward !

    osTicket is a super tickets system inside, but we are in a world which often considers the cosmetic only, the system as it looks from outside in the online landscape ;s
  • Yes I agree with you her, and for my side of things: I'm total fine with just having the client side styled, me and the others can live with the default admin style atm.

    As you say a partnership with, i.e, one of the above designers, would make life much easier for everyone :D
    And it would also provide some sort of quality ensurens for that said designers themes.
  • Making osTicket theme-able is one of the features that the devs have said is coming.  I have no idea when that will be though.
  • I am quite surprised that the devs never made this more theme friendly before. Practically every other script - both support systems and not - allow easy customisation and/or a theme marketplace, or at least - with respect - a bit more "vibrant" (and responsive or has a mobile version) default theme, like MyBB forum software.

    I hope it comes soon... I would even pay for for it and at least support the core developers rather than spending $40 - 120 elsewhere because I lack the knowledge to customise it in the files myself
  • edited December 2016
    My understanding is that this is still planned for 2.0.  No there is no release date for that.
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