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Managing support tickets via email client & notifications for recipients

Can anyone please help with these 2 issues.

1. I want to handle support tickets via my email client (Apple mail), but support tickets are not being delivered into my mail client.

2. When I manage tickets from osTicket console, the recipient doesn’t receive an email notification of the replies.

Here’s my set up:

- osticket V1.7.2

- Apple mail 8.2

- Email address is an alias set up with Google Apps, I have no problem receiving/sending from this account in Apple mail using IMAP.

I’ve posted screen grabs of my set up, and will be very grateful if anyone can help.




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  • Version 1.7.2 is seriously ancient and no longer supported.  My first suggestion would be to upgrade to something thats more current...

    You didn't actually provide the email settings, or autoresponder settings.

    You do not appear to have Enable PO/IMAP polling checked (Settings ->Emails).  Are you running cron?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm not sure if I'm running cron.

    Is it a big job to upgrade to the current version?

  • This article is a little dated but the basics haven't changed.

  • Thanks,

    I just read the article, and as stated, there have been custom mods to graphics etc.

    We haven't got any data to transfer, as the site hasn't gone live yet.

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