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Attachment via API, using PHP


I did as in the demo: 

#  Originally authored by
#  Modified by ntozier@osTicket /
#  Attachments fixed by

but I get HTTP code 404 ( if I ignore the attachment option, all is good ) 

Please advice, 


  • 404 means not found.  Sounds like your script could not find the attachment.
  • Thanks for replying. 
    To respond:  

    Don't think so, because when I use: 

    'data:audio/mpeg;base64,' . base64_encode(file_get_contents('/path/to/attachment.mp3')),

    without the word "data" it attaches the encoded string ( a very long one )

    The path checks out. The file is there. What am I missing? 

    Please advice, 
  • Hello All, 

    We fixed it. For us the problem was the XSS forgery protection and PCI DSS protection.

    In the demo example we've added for post:

    encoded_data = base64_encode(json_encode($data));

    And in the osTicket files: include/class.api.php we've replaced:

    $decoded_data = parent::parse($stream);   with:   $decoded_data = $this->base64_parse($stream);

    and added:

    function base64_parse($stream) {
            if (is_resource($stream)) {
                $contents = '';
                while (!feof($stream))
                    $contents .= fread($stream, 8192);
            } else
                $contents = $stream;
            return json_decode(base64_decode($contents), true);

    Thanks. I hope you find this useful. 
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