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How to create ticket from an extern page

Hello, I need to create tickets from extern page of osticket, I read that I have to generate a key and put the page IP.
I did the test with prestashop, I've put the code below in the prestashop folder root, sometimes I've the authentification popup displayed but that generateme an error. how could I have the ticket creation operates in prestashop for exemple?

// You must configure the url and key in the array below.

$config = array(
        'url'=>'http://localhost/prestashop/api/tickets.json', ; // URL to site.tld/api/tickets.json
        'key'=>'DEA27CA7F6A55B93A94284A12FE7BE5C'  // API Key goes here
$data = array(
    'name'      =>      'ben',  // from name aka User/Client Name
    'email'     =>      '',  // from email aka User/Client Email
    'phone'     =>        '1234567890',  // phone number aka User/Client Phone Number
    'subject'   =>      'Test API message',  // test subject, aka Issue Summary
    'message'   =>      'This is a test of the osTicket API',  // test ticket body, aka Issue Details.
    'ip'        =>      $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], // Should be IP address of the machine thats trying to open the ticket.
    'topicId'   =>      '1'; // the help Topic that you want to use for the ticket
    //'Agency'  =>        '58', //this is an example of a custom list entry. This should be the number of the entry.
    //'Site'    =>        'Bermuda'; // this is an example of a custom text field.  You can push anything into here you want.   
    'attachments' => array()


  • 1.8.7 is ancient.  You should upgrade to something more... recent.

    This article may assist you.  It's a little dated but the basics are the same.
  • Hello, it's working, I could generate a ticket from a third-party. I have a question, how could I share a method to use in a source code to create o generate directly the ticket. The ticket will always have the same content, so I could predefinite the attribute value in the code. anyone have an idea?
    Thanks in advance.
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