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Append a mail to an existing ticket

Hello @all,

I'm using osticket to manage internal user requests.

For this reason I create a new ticket via mail sent to the email address defined.

After that, I want to append mails to the same ticket number from different email address, because all team can partecipate to complete the ticket.

To do that I type the ticket number [#??????] on the subject.

Problem: the program appends the mail to the requested ticket, only if is sent from the user that create the ticket. Otherwise, the osticket create a new ticket number, also if I set the ticket number on the subject.

Can I have a way to append mail to the same ticket number, only checking the ticket nukber? The email address is no relevant on my case.

I tried to found a solution within the forum, but without solution.

Thanks in advance for support.



  • You would need to add the people you want to be able to reply to it as collaborators to the ticket.
    Responses from non-collaborators would generate a new ticket..
  • Hello,

    I see that the agent that manage the ticket cannot send reply to the ticket via mail.

    In my case, I want to extend this feature to all user, the agent that manage the ticket, too.

    Do I have a possibility to make this extension?



  • There are threads on the forums that discuss the changes you would need to make to enable Agent email responses.
  • I didn't find, but I will look for, yet.

  • Hello,
    right now I didn't find a solution.
    Could you help me?
    I need to append mail to existing ticket from all persons that type on the object the ticket number [#123456].
    Thanks in advance.
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