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Hide Users from specific Agents

I would like to hide usres from agents - Agents mean one client who will have an access to our OS Ticket ..
Can I do this ? 

I would be verry grateful if you can help me with that



  • There is no way to hide a single client (user) account from your agents, let alone one specific agent currently in osTicket.  I'm not aware of a feature forthcoming that would do this either.
  • thanks ntozier 
    Can we somehow hide clients from all agents then ? 
  • No.

    How would you propose to do this? 
    If you could hide clients from all users then they couldn't contact them except via email [specifically those generated by osTicket].  They wouldn't be able to see who opened the ticket.

    What you could do it hide the users tab... but staff (agents) would still be able to see and interact with the users account on the tickets that they have access to.
  • Ok thanks
    Then how I can hide users tab ? that should work for me as well 
  • You will have to search the forums for the other threads that talk about it. I'm on my cell phone in a car right now (no I'm not driving).
  • Thanks.. Unfortunateley I could not find the answer.
    What I can do is delete from class.nav.php section 

    $this->tabs['users'] = array('desc' => __('Users'), 'href' => 'users.php', 'title' => __('User Directory'));

    In this situation either admin and agant are not able to see users tab. 
    Can I somehow change this ? The perfect result for me will be when Admin will see Usrers Tab and Agents will not. 

  • Hello vintec ,

    i have a solution for you

    My OSTicket:

    osTicket Version v1.9.14
    Web Server Software Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)
    MySQL Version 5.5.50
    PHP Version 5.6.24-0+deb8u1


    1. Create a new column in Tabelle: ost_Groups

    see 01


    2. Edit

    see 02


    3. Edit class.nav.php

    see 03


    4. Edit class.staff.php

    see 04

    5. Edit

    see 05

    6. Set permission with user tab

    see 06

    7. Set permission with out user tab

    see 07


    8. with permission "user tab" (admin)

    see 08


    9. Wthout permission "user tab" (noadmin)

    see 09

  • Hi, can you help me please...I followed all the steps and I have an error..

    PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function canViewUserTab() on null in class.nav.php on line 118

    the class.staff.php it's not instantiated?

  • I added at line 114

    $staff = $this->staff;

    and it's work, it's right this solution? I copied from function getSubMenus() line 136.

  • Hello zaccarelliasbun,

    please keep in mind, you hidde only the users tab, but the access is possible!!!

    Best Regards
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